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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

PEG PAC, Pa.'s Oldest Pro-Business PAC, Endorses Jason Ortitay


OFFICE: 717-238-1764           APRIL 16, 2014

CELL: 717-574-6674


HARRISBURG - PEG PAC, the affiliated political action committee of the
Pennsylvania Business Council (PBC) and the state's oldest pro-business
PAC, endorsed seven incumbent members of the state House for re-election
- three Republicans and four Democrats. In addition, PEG PAC backed
three GOP candidates in House districts across the state.

PEG PAC endorsed:

 * GOP incumbents Mike Fleck [1] (81st) of Huntingdon County, Seth Grove
[2] (196th) of York County and Karen Boback [3] (117th) of Luzerne
County; and,

 * Democratic incumbents Margo Davidson [4] (164th) of Delaware County,
Patty Kim [5] (103rd) of Dauphin County, Jake Wheatley [6] (19th) of
Allegheny County and Jim Roebuck (188th) of Philadelphia.

"These seven House members all supported both the recent Transportation
overhaul legislation and the 'Apology' bill, a tort reform measure which
prohibits plaintiffs from using most physician apologies against them in
court," said PBC President & CEO David W. Patti. All but Fleck are
engaged in competitive primaries - his primary opponent was recently
removed from the May ballot.

PEG PAC also endorsed these non-incumbents:

 * Republican Jason Ortitay [7], a small business owner and member of
the Burgettstown Area Community Development Corporation, from the 46th
District in Washington and Allegheny counties who is vying to take on
incumbent Rep. Jessie White;

 * East Marlborough Township Supervisor and former Chairman of the
Pennsylvania Horse Racing Commission, Republican Cuyler Walker [8],
business owner and Partner at Pepper Hamilton LLP, running in the open
158th District in southern Chester County; and,

 * Former Rep. Tom Quigley, running to reclaim his seat in the 146th
District in Montgomery County.

"We believe Ortitay, Walker and Quigley will be strong pro-business
voices in the state House," said Patti, who noted that all of the
candidates also received a financial contribution from PEG PAC.

Since its founding in 1972, PEG PAC has worked to build a better
Pennsylvania by electing candidates for office who offer the best
capacity to create and sustain a better Pennsylvania. PEG PAC supports
candidates who are best for the business community without regard to
political party membership. PEG PAC supports candidates for office with
financial contributions, campaign consulting, and grassroots action.


_-- Christopher Nicholas_
 Political Director
 Pa. Business Council [9]
 717 238 1764 (o)
 717 574 6674 (c)
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